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Ava Holliday

The Avarna Group
Founding Partner
Ava believes in this work because she believes a more sustainable future is dependent on simultaneously working towards social and environmental justice. As a result, she has devoted the last six years to researching and working in this field. Currently a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Washington in the department of Anthropology, Ava designed and implemented a research project that investigates diversity and inclusion efforts in American environmentalism, specifically in outdoor education at the National Outdoor Leadership School. In addition to her research, she has designed and taught several of her own university level courses, which cover topics such as power, identity, environmentalism, health, and wilderness. Beyond her academic life, Ava puts her knowledge into practice by working as an outdoor educator and consultant for organizations that have a focus on diversity and inclusion. Ava is constantly excited about this work, whether it is being done at universities, in the field, or in an office. In particular, she enjoys that this work requires intentional community building and knowledge gathering. She is grateful to everyone who has contributed to her learning and is excited to contribute to others’ learning.